How Does Rollexx Stern Thruster Compare?

Rollexx Stern Thruster vs. Gyro Stabilizers & Zero Speed Fins

boat roll control / marine stabilizers

 Rollexx Stern thrusterGyro StabilizerZero Speed Fins
Cost Low High High
Require Modification to Strengthen Boat Structure? No Yes Yes
EASY to install? Easy Complex Complex
Maintenance Low High High
Works When Boat Is Stopped? Yes Yes Yes
Maintain Desirable Boat Heading While Stopped? Yes No No
Take Up a Lot of Space Inside Boat? No


Stern Thruster Also? Yes No No
Need Generator Running? Yes Yes Yes
Quiet Operation? Yes Yes Yes
Require Spool Up Time? No Yes No
Weight of System Low High High

* Boats that already have fin stabilizers installed need only to add a Rollexx boat stabilizer for total control and stability! No need to throw away a perfectly good operating stabilizer system and spend a bunch of money just to stabilize the boat when it is stopped!

Rollexx Stern Thruster
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