How Rollexx Works

The stern thruster that stabilizes your boat

Make Your Boat a Happy Place!

The Rollexx Stern Thruster does a lot more than just move the stern of your boat around for you with a joystick! Rollexx stops a whole lot of rolling and flopping while drifting and at anchor because it’s powerful enough to hold the stern to the seas when drifting and hold the bow to the seas when at anchor!

Rollexx only works when the boat is stopped. Rollexx, through the autopilot, keeps the boat from getting beam to, thereby eliminating most of the rolling and flopping that makes a boat uncomfortable when it’s not under way. Think of Rollexx as an unseen and quiet boat stabilizer or flopper stopper!

* Since the Rollexx Stern Thruster is unseen, most people won't even know it's there or be aware of the danger of coming into physical contact with it. We recommend you don’t allow people or animals in the water near the boat while the Rollexx Stern Thruster is in operation.

Rollexx is easy to use to make your boat a happy place! Simply flip a switch, aim the boat in the most comfortable direction, center the rudders and engage the autopilot! Oh yes, and make sure the generator is running. Rollexx operates on 240vac and can operate for hours, days or weeks, not just a few minutes like conventional stern thrusters!

  • Rollexx makes your boat a happy place!
How Rollexx Works

Stops the Incessant Rolling & Flopping

You can get a good idea of how Rollexx works by taking your boat out, stop and let it become beam to the sea and start rolling and flopping. Then use your main engines to turn the boat and hold it stern to the sea while it drifts down swell and enjoy the great ride!

Also go drop the hook at a great anchorage you hate because when the wind dies down your boat turns beam to and flops incessantly, and your wife wants to sell the boat! Then use the main engines to aim and hold the bow to the seas and enjoy the ride, peace and quiet! That’s how Rollexx works!

Just think! You can enjoy your boat without a crowded mooring, or going back to the dock, or installing an expensive gyro stabilizer that takes up a lot of space inside your boat! Once you experience the difference a Rollexx Stern Thruster makes, you will never want to be without one on your boat!

If you fish way offshore, like 50 to 100 miles, just stay the night! Let Rollexx control the ride so you can be there for the grey light bite!

  • Stops the incessant rolling and flopping

Rollexx is an effective Stern Thruster, too

To use the Rollexx as a stern thruster instead of a flopper stopper, simply use the joystick we provide to control the stern as needed!

  • Rollexx is also an effective stern thruster

Rollexx Runs Cool and Quiet

So quiet you won’t even know it's operating!

The Rollexx Stern Thruster mounts outside your boat on the transom underwater, with the propeller blades just a bit higher than the bottom of the boat and the top of the blades about a foot or so under the surface. Since the stainless steel motor housing is in direct contact with the water, the motor runs cool and has no time limit on how long you can run it!

The Rollexx motor mounts are also stainless steel, and designed to spread the stress loads on the transom over a large area. The mounts cradle the motor in soft urethane rubber to eliminate noise and vibration transmission to your boat!

The Rollexx propeller is nylon composite material, very durable and powerful. It is designed to turn relatively slow and move a lot of water in a short period of time, thereby easily hold the boat in the direction that produces the most comfortable ride! The propeller has replaceable blades, so if you damage one you don’t have to replace the whole propeller.

The Rollexx Stern Thruster uses a state-of-the-art variable frequency drive control operating on 240vac from your generator to control the high torque and low RPM needed for effective control of your boat.

  • Rollexx runs cool and quiet

Complete Installation Kit

The Rollexx Stern Thruster ships to you complete with everything you need for installation!

Included in the “box” are:

  • 1 ea. Rollexx Stern Thruster including 2 ea. stainless steel mounts with urethane cushions
  • 1 ea. variable frequency drive
  • 1 ea. breaker box with breakers
  • 1 set conduit and fittings from thruster to boat
  • 1 ea. plastic J Box with terminal strip
  • 1 ea. rudder sensor
  • 1 ea. joystick (you can add more)
  • 1 ea. flexilink
  • 1 ea. illuminated on-off rocker switch plus all the wiring and connectors (you need only measure wiring lengths for us)
  • 2 ea. tubes of underwater sealant
  • Complete Rollexx Installation Kit

Rollexx Stern Thruster
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