Rollexx Installation Tips

Easy to install, just bolt to the transom
No major stress on your boat – no major structure modifications

Mount Rollexx Stern Thruster to Transom

When you mount the Rollexx Stern Thruster on the transom make sure the bottom of the propeller is above the bottom of the boat and the top is at least 8” below the water surface. Then after you have drilled all the ½” dia mounting holes, use a uni-bit or a chamfer bit to create a bit larger diameter step hole about 1/8” deep. This will act as a reservoir to trap sealer we provide and engage the bolts when they are installed!

Make sure and use plenty of sealer to properly bed the mounts, you don’t want this area to leak. Clean off the sealer that oozed out then use mineral spirits to finish cleanup! Use the backing plates we provide inside the boat to properly spread the load on the transom! If your transom is cored, you should remove about a 3” diameter area of coring where each bolt is located. Fill it back in with a solid mix of resin and chopped glass (gorilla hair or kitty hair come to mind) then re-drill the holes to provide a solid surface prior to mounting!

  • Mount Rollexx Stern Thruster to boat transom
    Installed ready to go into the water
  • Mount Rollexx Stern Thruster to boat transom
    Rollexx Stern Thruster mounted
  • Mount Rollexx Stern Thruster to boat transom

Mount the electric conduit flange

Mount the electric conduit flange to the transom above the water line after you have drilled the 1-¼″ dia hole through the transom for the thruster wiring and pre-drilled 4 holes for #12 screws about ½″ deep, use stainless steel screws and washers as well as the sealer we provide! Use the provided PVC straight fitting at the thruster and the elbow at the flange and the cut-to-size white conduit in between, insert wiring through these components and into boat, then starting at the thruster use provided PVC glue to finally assemble conduit from thruster to flange.

  • Mount the electrical conduit flange
    Wiring conduit, fittings and flange mounted to boat

Mount the Junction Box

Inside the boat on the transom is where you want to mount the junction box we provide, close to the wiring from the thruster. Insert the wiring from the thruster and the wiring from the VFD into the bottom of the box through the strain reliefs. Terminate into the terminal block, leads 1, 2 and 3 respectively to the thruster colored leads and ground to ground!

  • Mount the Junction Box
    Junction box for rollexx wiring termination

Mount the Variable Frequency Drive

The variable frequency drive “VFD” should be mounted in an area not subject to damp or moist air, like an equipment room or pantry or even a closet or a salon cabinet! There are a lot of options as to where this unit can be mounted because it’s just wiring runs! Real simple! If you have to mount it in the engine room or some other area subject to damp air, obtain an approved electrical enclosure to mount it in.

Connect the provided #6 wiring leads from the thruster to terminals 1, 2, 3 inside the VFD on the right as well as the ground to the green ground terminal. The terminals on the left receive the #6 wiring leads 1 and 2 will be 240vac and ground to their respective terminals from the generator through the provided circuit breaker and enclosure. Joysticks, on/off switch and rudder sensor connectors are located on the bottom of the VFD as well as the entry grommets for the generator and thruster wiring!

  • Mount the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
    Variable frequency motor control
  • Mount Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
    Heavy duty wet and hazardous location primary 240vac 3 conductor #6 plus ground, sheathed thnn wiring provided with each kit

Mount the Rudder Sensor

The rudder sensor mounts with the actuator arm facing forward and the mounting feet down. The flexilink attaches to the rudder sensor actuator lever and also the boat’s existing rudder indicator or the existing autopilot rudder angle indicator. A bit of creative fabrication may be in order here! The flexilink is not adjustable and therefore dictates where the rudder sensor is mounted. Make sure the rudder is centered prior to mounting the rudder sensor as well as the rudder sensor is centered also! Connect 5-pin cable connector and then attach other end to VFD.

You may have to fabricate a suitable mount for the rudder sensor – starboard works nicely! The flexilink is a very necessary contraption in that it is spring loaded in both directions (in and out) so that we have a sensitive short stroke on the rudder sensor, but a long stroke on the boat’s rudder so things don’t get smashed or torn apart when the captain turns the wheel lock to lock!

  • Mount the Rudder Sensor
  • Mount the Rudder Sensor
    Rudder position sensor
  • Mount the Rudder Sensor
    Flexilink from rudder sensor to autopilot rudder sensor

Mount the On/Off Switch

Mount the on/off switch in a convenient space near the helm. Drill a 13/16″ diameter hole. Install included instruction decal, then insert switch pigtail first into the hole. Attach 3-pin cable connector to pigtail and connect the other end connector to the VFD.

  • Mount the On/Off Switch
    Illuminated on/off rocker switch

Mount the Joy Stick

Mount the joystick in a convenient location at the helm, perhaps near the bow thruster joystick. Drill a 1-¼″ diameter hole in the panel, use the joystick boot bezel centered over the 1-¼″ hole as a template to locate the mounting holes for the joystick, drill 4 ea 3/16 diameter holes (the joystick paddle is removable with small allen wrench) and then mount joystick under panel with cams and micro switches facing rear of boat. Attach 5 pin cable connector to joystick connector, attach the other end connector to the VFD.

  • Mount the Joy Stick
    Joystick prewired with connector


  • When determining where to mount any or all of these components make sure to look behind the projected mounting area to see if any conflicts exist like bulkheads, wires, hoses etc.!
  • Measure twice, drill once!
  • Install the warning decals on the outside of the transom above the Rollexx propeller and inside near transom door if you have a cockpit!
  • Don’t operate the Rollexx Stern Thruster with any people in the water, the propeller is dangerous!
  • All parameters in the VFD are factory preset! If you change any of them you may damage the thruster motor or worse, cause someone to get hurt! If you mess it up, you may have to send it back to us to be reprogrammed!
DANGER - Don’t operate the Rollexx Stern Thruster with people in the water!
Now you’re done installing the Rollexx Stern Thruster. Go enjoy your boat!

Rollexx Stern Thruster
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